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Motionographer, Designer & Director

2 X 10" @ f8.0

I was born under jet-black winter skies of northern Sweden. Growing up on the countryside, I found myself spending a lot of time in nature.

I began expressing myself through painting, drawing and writing short stories, creating my own fantastical and bizarre realities.

In school I still escaped into the realm of the unreal, and was often caught daydreaming in class. I had what people called an "overactive imagination" which often didn't do me any favours, but it wasn't long until I started to understand and harness this creative force.

I got my first camera when I was eight and have since gone through many rolls and cameras.
When I was nine I began Violin lessons and Guitar lessons at twelve. Music has has continued to play a major roll in my life and I have since began playing the piano and composing some music of my own.

In upper secondary school I chose a sociocultural program, selecting courses such as Filmmaking, Photography, Lighting, Scenography, Drama & Theatre, Music, Cultural History and Media Knowledge. When possible I sat in on classes from the Graphic Design program, not actually in my curriculum.

Outside of school I began shooting short films with a group of friends. Editing these I came to teach myself some 3D & VFX and eventually Motion Design, leading me to start my company; Still Motion.

After graduating I freelanced as a Motion Designer, Graphics Artist and VFX Artist. I signed with the Swedish agency Kreator and met Director David Sandberg with whom I began working closely.
Later that year Escape Studios awarded me first prize in CG Whiz 2011, their contest aiming to uncover future stars of the CG industry.
This earned me a place on an intensive 12 week VFX Production course followed by a placement at the Motion department of the Mill in London.

Today I live north of London, working at Fall off The Wall, a Design and Motion Studio, and after hours creating my own visual pieces.

My works are often influenced by themes of innocence, hope, love, loneliness, conflict, the mind, the universe and the future. They tend to be entwined with rhythm or music and carry with them feelings of desolation, and melancholy, but can at times be equally whimsical.

At the heart of it all I want to create beautiful and original content that evokes emotion in people, regardless of medium.


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